FGV Europe is the first overseas representation of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), one of the leading think tanks worldwide and the most important research and policy advisory institution in Latin America.

FGV Europe’s work is dedicated to key issues at the forefront of global cooperation and sustainable development, by building bridges between Brazilian and international institutions, understanding and integrating their visions, ideas, and projects.


Located in the German city of Cologne, FGV Europe plays an important role in consolidating FGV’s international activities and contributing to the recognition of FGV as a provider of innovative solutions for decision-makers in politics, economics, and society.

Project Management

Supported by a strong expert pool covering a wide range of sectors and industries, FGV Europe offers its clients support in the screening and implementation of foreign investment endeavors, technology transfer projects and project finance operations. Following FGV’s strong academic tradition, this advisory work is based on applied research.

Sharing Knowledge

In cooperation with partner organizations from Europe and Brazil, FGV Europe develops events and publications that can stimulate and improve bi- and multilateral exchange and cooperation on topics of mutual interest.


To be nationally and internationally recognized as a leading gateway for bilateral operations between Europe, Africa, Asia and Brazil, distinguishing ourselves for our state-of-the-art expertise in various areas of competence of FGV, while remaining fully committed to the socioeconomic advancement of Brazil and the internationalization of its industrial, scientific, and cultural sectors.


To build bridges with strategic partners and explore opportunities for bilateral collaboration with governments, research institutions, international organizations, academics, think tanks, and private companies abroad.

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