Amazon Dialogues: Energy and Development in the Amazon.

This is the next event in the Amazon Dialogues, a series of 20 webinars to discuss topics related to sustainable socioeconomic development in the Brazil Amazon with the whole of organized civil society.

Event | Amazon Dialogues | Energy and Development in the Amazon.

Amazon Dialogues Roundtable to happen on September 13 at 19pm (GMT-3)! 

The electrification of a region is essential for its sustainable development. However, universal access to energy is a great challenge in Brazil. In the case of the Amazon, the difficulties are greater because of the large territorial extension, the low demographic density, the innumerable flooded areas, the compact forest, the indigenous reserves and the relevant concerns with socio-environmental impacts of medium and large investment projects. At the same time, the region has great potential for investments in alternative energy sources. 

In this event, our guests will discuss the importance and challenges of energy investments in the Amazon region. 

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André Clark Juliano - President of Siemens Energy do Brasil.

Tarcisio Estefano Rosa - Partner/Director TCE ENERGIA Consultoria e Serviços em Energia 


Márcio Holland - Professor at FGV EESP

Daniel Barcelos Vargas - Professor at FGV EESP

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