Amazon Dialogues series: Infrastructure Challenges in the Brazilian Amazon

The event is part of a series of webinars called Amazon Dialogues, a digital platform to discuss topics related to sustainable socioeconomic development in the Brazilian Amazon.

This online roundtable is part of the  Amazon Dialogues, a series of webinars to discuss topics related to sustainable socio-economic development in the Brazil Amazon with the whole of organized civil society.

Brazil is an unequal country. Among the most striking dimensions of inequality are the persistent regional disparities, whether in the generation of added value and job creation capacity, or in the quality of education and access to essential services for the population.

The Brazilian Amazon has many opportunities that could help to mitigate such inequalities between the North and South of the country.

But how to attract quality investments to the region? What are the current instruments to attract investments? Have they been sufficient and effective? How to promote the development of the Brazilian Amazon?

We invited a specialist in economic development and a State Secretary of Finance from the region to debate the theme. 


Claudio Frischtak - Founding Partner of Inter. B - International Business Consulting S/C
Augusto Rocha - Professor at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM)


Márcio Holland - Professor at FGV EESP, Coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Finance and Economics (Master), and Broadcast/Agência Estado columnist.

Daniel Vargas - Professor at FGV EESP, Coordinator of the Bioeconomy Observatory at FGV, and Research Coordinator of GVAgro

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