Be part of The Africa Food Security Summit 2023

A Conference to Find Solutions for Increasing Food Production in Africa and Ensure Long-Term Food Security on the Continent

Food insecurity continues to be a major concern for the African continent, where millions of people face hunger and malnutrition due to poverty, conflict, and climate change. To address this issue, world leaders are gathering at "The Africa Food Security Summit", organized by FGV Europe (creator of CIITTAA INTL) in partnership with UKEF, on September 12-13 in London.

As Africa's population is expected to double by 2050, the pressure to increase food production is immense. The leaders recognize that a comprehensive approach is necessary to ensure long-term food security on the continent. The summit aims to explore concrete solutions to promote modern agricultural technology, improve access to finance for smallholder farmers, and address poverty, conflict, and climate change. It is an opportunity to learn about business opportunities and the potential for Brazil to help increase food production in Africa.

The discussions offer hope for a better future for Africa, where food security is no longer a distant dream but a reality for all. Brazil, with its extensive experience and success in tropical agriculture, has the potential to collaborate and contribute significantly to the increase in food production in Africa.

FGV Europe, the creator of CIITTAA INTL, has been developing and managing technical and financial projects in Africa for over 18 years in partnership with UKEF.  This summit is an excellent opportunity to explore business promotion and investment opportunities in the agriculture sector.

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Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the solution to food insecurity in Africa.

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