Join us for a virtual seminar on the future of hydrogen: Brazil-Italy cooperation and market perspectives

Discover the latest insights, trends, and innovative projects in the hydrogen industry and explore the opportunities for Brazil-Italy cooperation towards a sustainable future

Join us for the "Developing the Hydrogen Value Chain and Cooperation Opportunities Brazil-Italy" virtual seminar

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming virtual seminar, "Developing the Hydrogen Value Chain and Cooperation Opportunities Brazil-Italy" Hosted by the Embassy of Brazil in Rome and FGV Europe, the event is part of the "Programa de Diplomacia da Inovação" of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to promote cooperation between Brazil and Italy in the hydrogen industry.

Taking place on May 8th, 2023 at 10 AM Brasília time / 3 PM Italy time, the seminar will be conducted in both Portuguese and Italian, with simultaneous translation available via Zoom.

The seminar will provide a platform for industry experts, government officials, and innovative companies from Brazil and Italy to share knowledge and best practices for developing the hydrogen market. We are honored to have the support of the Brazilian Hydrogen Association (ABH2), the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (H2IT), and the business association Assolombarda.

The seminar's agenda is packed with informative and thought-provoking sessions that explore a variety of topics related to the hydrogen industry. The event will feature three sessions that aim to promote the exchange of knowledge between Brazil and Italy on the market and technological innovation perspectives in the hydrogen industry. The sessions will cover topics such as the overview of the hydrogen value chain in Brazil and Italy, the role of hydrogen in achieving the energy transition goals and showcasing innovative projects related to the development of the hydrogen value chain. 

To learn more about the seminar and our esteemed speakers, please visit our dedicated event homepage at You'll find detailed information about the agenda, speakers, and organizations supporting the event there.

Registration is now open, simply visit our registration page here.

We hope you'll join us for this exceptional opportunity to engage with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of the hydrogen market. We look forward to seeing you there!

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