Webinar discusses Amazon and Brazilian Constitution

This public event will take place on May 8, at 7 pm, on FGV’s YouTube channel.

Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Economics (FGV EESP) is holding a free webinar on the Amazon and the Brazilian Constitution. This public event will take place on May 8, at 7 pm, on FGV’s YouTube channel. The event is part of the Amazon Dialogues, a digital platform to discuss topics related to sustainable socioeconomic development in the Brazilian Amazon with the whole of organized civil society.

This year, the theme that is dominating national debate is tax reform. The last few Amazon Dialogues have been focused on this subject, which is of great importance to Brazil. As the tax reform under discussion proposes to change the national tax system through a constitutional amendment, the idea of this webinar is to discuss the economic and tax aspects of this measure and the role to be played by the Brazilian Amazon under the proposed constitutional changes.

The guest speakers will be Maílson da Nobrega, former finance minister; and Heleno Torres, professor of law at the University of Sao Paulo. The moderators will be Márcio Holland, the coordinator of the Finance and Economics Master’s Program at FGV EESP; and Daniel Vargas, the coordinator of FGV’s Bioeconomy Observatory and also FGVAgro’s research coordinator.

To take part, please sign up here.

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