This mission is part of an on-going exchange between both Municipalities part of the international cooperation initiative for sustainable development.

In March of 2018, the cities of Alta Floresta and Eschweiler signed, in Alta Floresta, a partnership agreement for sustainable development. The agreement’s goals are the exchange of knowledge and experience on sustainable development; development and implementation of projects in the areas of sustainable use of resources, environmental and climate protection, renewable energies, social inclusion and equitable and fair trade; the development of long-term economic relations; social and cultural exchange; the development of an educational concept for global sustainable development.

On September 23 2019, it was time for Alta Floresta to travel to Eschweiler to continue this fruitful relationship. Among the many activities undertaken, it was included a workshop about the topics of “Renaturalizing water bodies”, “The water situation in the Marianna Basin”, “Methodological "Tool" to support a solution: Payment for the Environmental Systems, Adote uma Nascente”, and “Environmental monitoring platform development in Alta Floresta & Eschweiler”.

Marco Contardi, project coordinator, and Hannes Schwertfeger, fellow, from FGV Europe, facilitated the dialogue, engaging all stakeholders involved.

The following members of both delegations were present:

City of Eschweiler

  • Hedwig Assenmacher, Head of Department: Urban free spaces and urban green spaces;
  • Florian Schoop, Head of Division: Urban Planning Office;
  • Achim Vogelheim, Head of Division: Office for civil engineering, green spaces and municipal works depot (Expertise canal construction);
  • Eberhard Büttgen, Staff Position for Sustainable Development; -Stephan Miseré, Head of Department Municipal Properties; -René Schulz, Head of Department Economic Development;
  • Jan Schuster, Coordinator for Local Development Policy (Coordinator for the Development Partnership with Alta Floresta);
  • Dr. Bernhard Theißen & Maike Guschal LIFE Project "Patches and Corridors" Biological Station Municipal Region Aachen.

City of Alta Floresta

  • Rosilda Dias Dalla Riva, Head of Mission, Representative of Mayor of Alta Floresta Asiel Bezerra;
  • José Alesando Rodrigues, Technical Mission Member, Secretary of Environment, Alta Floresta Municipality;
  • Vinicius Silgueiro, Technical Mission Member, Instituto Centro de Vida (ICV) Alta Floresta;
  • Marco Contardi, Technical Mission Member, FGV Europe;
  • Hannes Schwertfeger, Mission Technical Member, Fgv Europe;
  • Luiz Fernando Fabbriani, Deputy Mission Member, Iguá Saneamento;
  • João Teixera Soares, Deputy Mission Member, EULA IT.