FGV Projetos, in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, held the 2nd International Legal Seminar – Higher Jurisdictions in the United Kingdom and Brazil, on 4 and 5 July, at the University of London, under the scientific coordination of the Vice-President of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Justice Dias Toffoli, and High Court Justice Luis Felipe Salomão.

The meeting was attended by justices of Brazil’s Supreme Court and High Court and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, as well as leading English university professors, with a view to proposing thinking about the workings of the higher jurisdictions of the Judiciary in Brazil and the United Kingdom and addressing current issues, including the organisation of the Judiciary in both countries, reasonable length of process and key precedents in the Civil Law and Common Law systems, the use of new technologies in procedural formalities (including digitalisation by way of electronic proceedings), judicial independence and activism and the treatment given to the judiciary in mass media coverage.

The importance of these issues stems from the accelerating development of new paradigms in the juridical, technological and behavioral domains in contemporary society. These new influences have direct impact on the modus operandi of the Judiciary, which confronts the need to maintain the balance between the powers and legal certainty, while at the same time coping with growing judicialisation in fields such as politics and health, the emergence of alternative dispute resolution arrangements, incipient artificial intelligence in establishing legal precedents, the imperative of assuring ethics and new rights, and so on.