Cleber Lima Guarany

He is the project coordinator of FGV Europe and currently leads the financial structuring of projects in the agricultural and industrial sectors, such as: the Green Imperative Project in Nigeria, with total investments of US$ 1.1 billion; the nitrogen fertilizer plant in Brazil with total investments of $ 1.7 billion; as well as, the iron and steel complex in Argentina, with total investments of US $ 200 million. As project coordinator, he has also structured the implementation of industrial and agricultural projects in more than 18 countries in Latin America and Africa, always in partnership with local companies, associations, multilateral development banks, research institutions and funding institutions. Moreover, he led the implementation of the Brazil-United States Memorandum of Understanding on Trade in Central America and the Caribbean, signed in 2004. Under Cleber’s leadership, FGV won the “Best Solution” award, of the United Nations in the context of the Global South-South Cooperation in 2012. Postgraduate in Financial Economics and in Marketing, with a business degree in Lausanne, Switzerland. Graduated in Industrial Engineering.

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