#BRAZIL200 | Cesar Cunha Campos participated as a speaker at Brazil 200 Event

The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce held the event to mark the 200th anniversary of the Brazilian independence.

2022 marks the 200th anniversary of Brazil's Declaration of Independence and 180 years of trade relations between Brazil and Norway.

In celebration of this, the Brazilian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce presented an exclusive event highlighting the best of Brazilian culture.

On November 1st at 1:55 p.m., Cesar delivered a talk called "View from the boardroom: Brazil after elections", in which he commented on the economic and political decisions affecting business and trade.

In his presentation, Cesar gave a brief overview of the Brazilian political scenario, the relationship between Brazil and Norway, and the Brazilian agriculture and energy sector.

The Event took place at Sentralen in Oslo. The three-day event offered curated content on business, culture, entrepreneurship, fashion, and sustainability.

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