Coming soon - Book release: A Sustainable and Sensitive Amazon

FGV Europe in collaboration with FGV Knowledge will launch a book about the Amazon in the second half of 2021.

Since 2016, FGV Europe has been following the main issues influencing Brazil's role in the global context. Among the various issues, the Amazon is clearly a key topic.

The discussions in the external scenario are heated. Often distorted, linked to the lack of knowledge. At other times, they reveal realities that deserve deep reflection, not only because of their dimension in the global context, but also because of the inclusion of complex Brazilian issues, such as national sovereignty, populations, ethnic groups, wildlife, mineral wealth and pharmacology, and the relationship with ecological balance issues in the contemporary world.

Within this complexity, FGV Europe and FGV Knowledge have sought to illuminate the topic from aspects that allow reflection on the sustainability and conservation of the biome.

In addition to these themes, the book includes impressive images from a variety of photographers - including Luiz Claudio Marigo and Rogério Assis - as well as several photographers working with NGOs.

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