FGV EBAPE welcomes first group of international exchange students after pandemic

These students are taking part in exchange programs offered to master’s and undergraduate students.

Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV EBAPE) is resuming its student exchange activities in partnership with education institutions in other countries. It recently held a welcome event for students from Europe, North America and Asia after the pause imposed by the pandemic.

These students are taking part in exchange programs offered to master’s and undergraduate students who are respectively enrolled in the Master in Management (MIM) and International Business Education Alliance (IBEA) programs. They were welcomed by the course coordination teams at FGV EBAPE, before proceeding to a social event at the rooftop bar at Yoo2, a hotel in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

From the very first few days in the classroom, the school’s undergraduate course encourages students to take a six-month exchange program. Based on a partnership agreement with more than 60 international education institutions, FGV EBAPE promotes cultural immersion and broadens business vision, benefiting both foreign students who arrive at the school and Brazilian students who will study abroad.

Undergraduates coming to the end of their course can then take the Master In Management (MIM) to have a more in-depth international experience. Through this program, they can study for another year and, in addition to obtaining an undergraduate degree, also receive a professional master’s diploma.

The MIM is a career acceleration program aimed at recent graduates and professionals in their first few years in the job market. The program has a study path focused on sustainability and it offers an immersion in the Amazon for undergraduate students during their fifth semester. Through the 10-day Amazon Immersion Experience, students have the opportunity to observe first-hand some of the environmental projects and sustainable management practices carried out by key public, private and third sector organizations in the Amazon region.

This initiative’s activities include on-site observation of the challenges and opportunities faced by private, public and non-governmental organizations working on sustainability projects.

“The MIM is the only course of its kind in Brazil. Taught entirely in English and designed in line with programs run by the world’s best business schools, it attracts students from several continents, to do a master’s course in a particularly global and intellectually challenging environment. MIM graduates are globally employable,” says the course’s academic coordinator, Professor Augusto Sales.

The welcome reception for exchange students included a talk by the MIM’s academic coordinator, Professor Augusto Sales, about “Speaking a Foreign Culture: Communicating with Brazilians.” It was also attended by FGV EBAPE’s international program coordinator, Professor Juliana Mansur; its undergraduate course coordinator, Professor Bernardo Fajardo; the head of FGV’s Academic Education and Research Center (CFAP), Professor Roberto Pimenta; and FGV’s communication and Alumni Network coordinator, Darliny Amorim.

FGV EBAPE’s undergraduate course in administration lasts four years and offers an interdisciplinary education, with the goal of preparing professionals to work at public and private sector institutions in different sectors in Brazil and worldwide. Theoretical and practical classes provide knowledge of the science of administration, which is necessary for organizations to succeed, thereby opening up a wide range of job opportunities for students.

The undergraduate program’s curriculum is closely aligned with the needs of the domestic and international job markets and it also offers other possibilities for academic and professional development with student organizations such as the FGV Student Council, FGV Junior Enterprise, FGV Lab, FGV Athletic Club and FGV+.

The deadline for applying for the university entrance exam is October 21, 2022.

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