FGV Europe meets with important Partners in Italy

During the 4 Days Cesar Cunha Campos, FGV Europe's Director, Marco Contardi and Marco Ristuccia, Project Managers at FGV Europe had the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with Italian Stakeholders.

Cesar Cunha Campos, Director of FGV Europe, Marco Contardi and Marco Ristuccia, Project Managers at FGV Europe, traveled to Rome from October 4 to 7 to meet key stakeholders from Italy. On the first day, a meeting was held at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, with the participation of Mauro Furlan da Silva, Minister Counselor at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, and Rafael Santos Gorla, Secretary of the Sector of Science and Technology, Educational Cooperation and Environment. FGV Europe's activities were presented, with a special focus on the unit's initiatives with Italy. Moreover, in retrospect, the group exchanged views on the promising recent virtual meeting "II Research to Business Meeting 2021 – Projects Development for Cities of the Future in Brazil" organized by FGV Europe and promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in Rio de Janeiro and the Italian Embassy in Brazil.
The second day was followed by a meeting with Fabio Porta, Member of Parliament in the Italian Chamber, to discuss joint initiatives. The agenda continued with a meeting with Leonardo SpA, attended by Luigi Lupoli, Vice President of Leonardo, General Giuseppe Antonio Romeo, Chief Commercial Office and Francesco Moliterni, Country Manager Brazil (joined virtually from Brasilia), to present FGV Europe and identify possible initiatives and joint projects.
On the last day, there was a meeting with the Italo-Latin American Institute IILA, with the participation of Antonella Cavallari, IILA Secretary General, Gianandrea Rossi, IILA Executive Director, and Sarah Cordero Pinchansky, IILA Secretary for Socioeconomics, to discuss strategic interests of projects in Brazil and possible opportunities for Smart Cities projects.  On the final day, the delegation conversed with Josè Luis Rhi Sausi, coordinator of IILA's PyMEs Italia America Latina forum, to identify opportunities for studies and advisory projects.

Looking forward to continuing this fruitful relationship with FGV Europe's partners in Italy!

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