FGV present at international event on prospects for arbitration

Specialists in national and international arbitration discussed the current state of the sector.

Last month, the eighth edition of the Open Arbitration Competition was held, featuring arbitrators, lawyers and legal representatives of companies from many different countries. During the event, there were also several panel discussions on hot topics regarding commercial arbitration and investment from the perspective of 10 different cities around the world.

Specialists in national and international arbitration discussed the current state of the sector. Juliana Loss, executive director of the FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber, took part in a panel discussion called “Resolving Conflicts in Portuguese,” together with Ângel Garcia Fierro from Spain, Fernando Marcondes from Brazil and Carla Gonçalves Vieira de Almeida from Portugal.

“We discussed several interesting topics related to arbitration in Brazil and Portugal, focusing on the implementation of this tool in both countries. The participants agreed that arbitration can complement other methods, such as mediation and dispute boards, and judicial action is needed to increase lawyers’ confidence in these instruments,” says Loss. Other challenges, such as government bodies’ involvement in extrajudicial conflict resolution, were also brought up. So, the panel discussion was wide ranging, addressing topics relevant to the world’s jurisdictional reality.

During the panel discussion, Loss also stressed the importance of arbitration institutions in promoting arbitration in Brazil. The FGV Mediation and Arbitration Chamber is a leader in domestic arbitration, building on Fundação Getulio Vargas’ excellence in the management of procedures and the provision of public goods. For this reason, it is often chosen to handle procedures involving government institutions.

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