"Private Brazilian Foundations conquering the world"

Article by Tribuna published on 10/24/2021, Brazil

World-renowned Brazilian foundations are seeking to conquer new opportunities abroad.
At the prestigious Brazil-Lisbon Juridical Forum, an unpretentious table set up by the Attorney General José Marinho Paulo Junior, head of the Foundations Ombudsman Office in Rio de Janeiro, is the catalyst of the movement and has been drawing attention.

Read the article now and learn more about this initiative (Translation by FGV Europe):

- How did the idea of composing a table with Brazilian foundations at the Forum Brasil-Lisbon arise?

I will be speaking on a panel about out-of-court dispute resolution, a topic that I researched in my master's degree, in specialization at the JIBC in Canada, and in my doctorate. In conversations with the organizers, they were excited to compose a panel with large Brazilian foundations.

- And what is the reason for the enthusiasm?

The Forum is an eminently academic environment, but one where major players in the political and business worlds of Brazil and Europe circulate. Opening a channel of dialogue between them and our foundations is considered extremely valuable for all parties.
This is why foundations such as FUNCEX, OSB, FUNVALE and RCVB, among others, are so interested.

- What do foundations get out of it?

There is a movement towards the internationalization of foundational activities. Not only to obtain international contracts to be executed in our country, but also to operate abroad. Many foundations have expertise or provide unique services.
For example, at our table, the Fundação do Comércio Exterior trains agents for this sector. The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra is formidable and unique, and should take its music beyond our borders.
RIO CONGRESSO E EVENTOS works with hotels, travel agencies, and event promoters - its branches need to play abroad, for the good of our country's tourism.The synergy is immense.

- What about the MP (Public Ministry)? What role does it play in this?

Even though not being at the table as a promoter, but as an academic, I feel that I am fulfilling the MP's main mission, which is the proactive, creative and positive defense of society. The Public Prosecutor's Office is not an enemy of those for whom it watches over.
In the Ombudsman's office, it is a promoter of the growth of the third sector. The table serves this greater purpose of strengthening foundations.

- And in the foundation ombudsman office, any impact of this initiative?

The opening of branches and representative offices abroad has been a movement of many of the large foundations that we monitor.
The MP is in constant and close dialogue with the managers that intend to expand their activities so that this is done in a safe and duly authorized way, with the necessary mechanisms to control financial contributions abroad and the regular functioning of the foreign sub-offices.
Furthermore, investments abroad, by means of financial applications, have been reported and we are following them closely.

- Should the forum table be held annually?

The enthusiasm of the foundations was so great that everything indicates that our table will be repeated every year. This time FUNCEX, OSB, FUNVALE and RCVB participated. There are requests from many others to participate. We gave preference this time to those based in Rio de Janeiro, where there are about 300 with apparently the largest global financial movement in the country.
But Brazil is big and there will be room for all. Who knows, maybe even in an event dedicated just to them.

-Are there other projects?

Yes, in the same spirit of strengthening the third sector, we are promoting regional and sectorial meetings with the foundations. For example, the experiences of university or hospital foundations will be shared among their managers. Even if they are of different types - and there are many of them - because they are in the same city or region, they are aware of the difficulties and specific solutions of each place.
Also, even if they come from different areas or types, they can be complementary: for example, a foundation that eventually holds a large collection of works of art and has no know-how of its management can be supported by a foundation created and structured for this purpose. Together we are all stronger.

- What about the Attorney General's Office in all this?

The Attorney General of Justice, Dr. Luciano Mattos, is an enthusiast of the interinstitutional dialogue.
I had the honor of working with him in the collective protection offices of which we were holders, and the firmness of the performance was never - as it could not fail to be - hermetic to an active, collaborative listening.
We will suggest mutifundational seminars and we are sure of his support insofar as building consensus is a trademark of his management.

Article by Tribuna published on 10/24/2021, Brazil: Click here to access the article in Portuguese.


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