FGV Europe develops and implements technology transfer projects, foreign investment endeavors and project finance operations for government agencies, private companies, research institutions, development banks, and multilateral organizations. An interdisciplinary approach and the interplay between research, policy advice, and project management characterize the distinctive profile of FGV Europe.

Thanks to FGV’s long-standing expertise in all strategic areas of the Brazilian scenario, we cover a wide range of economic sectors and areas of knowledge, such as agriculture and food security, infrastructure, sanitation, renewable energy, transport and logistics, urban and regional development, real estate and construction, consumer goods, the maritime industry, banking and financial services, IT and technology, tourism, health, and safety, among others.

FGV Europe’s services include all steps, from the identification of relevant partners, feasibility studies, risk analysis, strategic planning, financial modelling, evaluation of project results and impact monitoring.

Brazil desk

As one of the ten largest economies in the world, with a high demand for advanced technologies and ambitious plans to expand its infrastructure, Brazil offers enormous market potential – especially for the export-oriented German economy.

However, doing business in Brazil involves dealing with its distinctive business culture and administrative procedures. As a Brazilian institution based in Germany, FGV Europe is prepared to assist foreign companies with every aspect of entering the Brazilian market or expanding existing activities in the region.

Our comparative advantage includes:

  • A deep understanding of the functioning of the Brazilian economy, institutions and society;

  • A privileged access to unique business opportunities, high-level decision makers, and potential project partners;

  • A pool of experts that guide the client through all stages of project planning, implementation and management;

  • A global reach through a broad network of international institutions.

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