The OECD and the new demand for agriculture: productivity and sustainable agriculture policies, September 2019

In August 2017, the School of Economics of FGV (FGV EESP), Center on Global Trade and Investments (CCGI) launched a research group to study the costs and opportunities of the accession of Brazil to the OECD.

Vera Thorstensen leads this group. Vera is a professor at FGV School of Economics (FGV EESP) and Head of the Center on Global Trade and Investments.

About the working paper “The OECD and the new demand for agriculture: productivity and sustainable agricultural policies”:

Brazil's accession to the OECD demands knowledge and compliance with the Organization's principles and guidelines in all sectors. In agriculture, the accession process faces challenges OECD related to the compatibility of agribusiness production and sustainable development, whose international goals and objectives are foreseen, among other documents, in the United Nations Agenda 2030. Understanding Brazil's adequacy challenges to enter the OECD in the agriculture sector requires a comprehensive understanding of OECD-oriented values and programs. In this sense, this article presents an overview of the demands of agriculture according to the OECD understanding. In the first topic, we analyze the work of the OECD on the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) in the elaboration of sustainable agriculture. The second topic discusses how agriculture is organized in the OECD. Finally, in the third topic, the main themes of agriculture are explained.

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(In Portuguese)