Social Impact Report 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created an accelerated demand for digitalization, leading to an explosion of tools for accessing knowledge and consumption.

It was precisely the ability to quickly manage and apply profound organizational changes that allowed FGV to resume its teaching activities, at a high level, just one week after in-person classes were suspended. Our student satisfaction index, measured by internal surveys, shows the success of this undertaking, and the positive transformations are only just beginning.

Rapid digitization has also led to a new level of real-time collaboration with the public and private sectors that would have taken years to materialize.

At the same time, FGV, spurred on by what seemed like limitations imposed by the pandemic on production, teaching and the transmission of knowledge, tackled the situation with less discomfort, as it is based on solid pillars of technology and processes. The strategy of anticipating the future took the institution to a new level, with the use of digital tools in all its areas of research, education and dissemination.

We have gained a speed of knowledge production unparalleled in Brazil. We stand out for our thinking, research and processes, and this is borne out by the combination of student demand, demand from institutions and the sophistication of our projects. FGV has brought the future to the present.

FGV Europe's contributions to this strategy are featured in several chapters of the report.

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